Kenda Creasy Dean – Big Room #4 – 11/20/2011

Hermeneuics – where you sit determines what you see

Much of youth ministry is determined by continuing what we are already doing.

PlayStation commercial on training fleas.
Does my church expect me to continue training fleas.

1. Teens faith reflects their parents faith

2. Teens lack a theological language

3. Students believe in moralistic therapeutic deism Self-serving idea that faith is good as long as I GT something out of it.

Young people don’t practice mtd because they have misunderstood, its because it is what we have taught them.

Side note – story of rich young ruler: I tend to view it as a punishment/test for the guy to give away his money. it wasn’t. It was the next logical step towards freedom and faith. It wasn’t a test. It WAS the answer.

Mission is not a trip.

The first four classes a student in south Sudan seminary takes are

We don’t share God’s love because it’s what we are supposed to do, it’s because we can’t help it.

When God’s breath is in us, we can’t help but exhale.

We think mission is dumping Jesus on people.

Example of water pouring through us into others.

Mission is translation

Jesus is working with teens before and after we are there.

We enter in to help translate.

The most radical thing we can do with our faith is to live it like we believe it.

Looking at Improv Everywhere – why isn’t the church the “story of a lifetime” people?
*Improv Everywhere video of little leqgu baseball team

Computer translation programs sound fake.

Church programs often do the same thing for faith translation.

Cultural interpreters (Colonial Williamsburg) love the story and want you to love it too.

We learn best what we love most.

Translation gives power to those on the outside.

It threatens those in control.

We translate to a group who will NOT do things our way, who will NOT see things like we do, will NOT keep things in the same order as us.

2/3rds of God’s name is “go”.

2 thoughts on “Kenda Creasy Dean – Big Room #4 – 11/20/2011

  1. Loved Kenda’s talk at NYWC this past weekend. I really loved her pitcher of water overflowing onto the world example. I may have to steal that one.

    1. Rhett, I know. I’ve heard her many times, but something about the tone and content of this talk hit places in me that are still working through it. I’ll be processing and writing about her thoughts for a while. I’d love to know what you’re learning/using as time goes on.

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