Missed It By That Much…

In Exodus 7-12, we read the story of the plagues God sends on Egypt to convince Pharaoh to let the people go free.  It’s an interesting story, and a couple of points hit me as I was reading it today.

One, Moses tells Aaron what to do.  So, when they throw the staff on the ground and it becomes a snake, it’s Aaron throwing the staff and performing the miracle.  For some reason, I always thought it was Moses who did the miracles.  Then I remembered that Moses was relegated to a half-role because of his lack of faith.  Man, what a bummer.  If he had obeyed, it would have been him doing the miracles in front of the most powerful man on earth.  He still got to be there, and he spoke for God, which is amazing.  But, since he didn’t believe early on, he missed out.

Secondly, during the first few plagues, the magicians of Pharaoh copy the miracles.  I’ve seen this before, but I got thinking about it.  How did they do it?  I always have thought “Satan made it happen.”  But who gives Satan the ability to perform supernatural acts?  God does.  So God has Aaron perform a supernatural act, then has the “enemy” perform the same act.  That’s nuts!  Why in the world would God mess up His own show like that?  Because the whole thing is His show. 

So often we expect God to act on our side, and whatever happens “against us” isn’t God.  But in the Bible, that’s not always the case.  Moses and Aaron were players in God’s act, but they weren’t the stars.  Neither was Pharaoh or the magicians.  God was the star.  It’s His story.

Are we okay with that when it happens in our own lives?  When we suffer or are humiliated?  When God doesn’t do stuff our way?  Are we still willing to trust Him to run the show?  Moses and Aaron could’ve quit right there.  God was embarrassing them.  But they don’t.  They keep going.

I want to be able to keep going even when the plan doesn’t make sense.  What about you?