Seeing Clearly

At the end of Matthew 20 (vs 29-34), there is a story about a couple of guys who were blind.  Jesus comes by, and they cry out to Him to have mercy on them.  The crowd tells them to shut up.  My only guess is Jesus must have been talking as they walked, and people wanted to hear Him.  Otherwise, why tell them to be quiet?  But they don’t listen to the crowd, and they get louder. 

Jesus stops and calls to them, so they weren’t close by.  “What do you want me to do?”, He asks. 

“We want our sight!”

Jesus has compassion, walks over, and touches their eyes.  They can see and they follow Him.

He doesn’t forgive them for their sins.

So many times, when someone asks for healing, Jesus commends them for the their faith and forgives their sins.  He doesn’t here.  I really wonder why?  That is what is most important.  That is what they need.  They can die with their sight, but it won’t save them.  They need forgiveness.

My guess is they weren’t ready.  They believed enough to think He could heal them.  They weren’t ready to take on forgiveness and mercy yet.  So, He healed them, they followed Him, and they had more chances at forgiveness.  He gave them their sight, and He gave them time.  It’s a guess on my part for sure, but it would fit what we know about Jesus.

Sometimes we need to do the same.  We need to give, have compassion, serve, and love others just because it’s compassionate.  Our actions might not be the catalyst for God to bring someone to Himself at that time.  It’s okay.  God is always working.  When you do what’s right, and don’t see an automatic result, don’t stress it.  Just be faithful, and wait.  Jesus knows what everyone needs.  He also knows when they are ready to receive it.  You can trust Him.