That’s Not True!

Wow! Jesus lets it fly in Matthew 12:22-36. He heals a guy who is possessed. Everyone is shocked, as they should be. The religious guys say that Jesus did because He is in league with Satan. And Jesus lets loose on them in a big smack down of painful truth.

He shows them how stupid it is to claim He is casting out demons in Satan’s power. It’s a definitive sign that God’s Kingdom is here. Then He goes on and talks about how anyone who takes God’s miraculous work and says it’s not God, but Satan, has moved so far from God that they might not come back. And finally, He calls the religious leaders the ones who are following Satan, and that their words prove it.
Sometimes God just has to be honest with us. Bluntly honest. We hear something that we don’t like at all, from someone who we know we can trust. And we deny it. We run from it. But God won’t let us. The truth can be overpowering sometimes.
Are you running, in denial, from God in some part of your life?