Keep It Quiet

Matthew 12:15-21 is a tough section. In this section Jesus has a lot of people following Him, and He heals everyone in the crowd who was sick. It’s one of the few places where it says He heals everyone. Often it is He heals “many”, but here it’s everyone. It’s one of His bigger miracles. But He tells all of them to keep it quiet. This is so NOT how we would think to do it. We’d call for press conferences, and tweet about it, and post pics of everyone on Facebook and start a fan page. He tells them to keep it quiet. Why?

Because God had predicted in Isaiah 42:1-4 that the Messiah would be humble. He wouldn’t fight or be obnoxious, he would be gentle and calm, until the day that He conquered. This is the side of God that is so hard for me to understand. Why is God like this? He is SO strong and amazing, but He values humility, peace, and softness. As a guy, this is tough for me to handle. I want to be big and tough. God says be big and humble. Be a peacemaker. Don’t cause a scene, just do what is right in quiet and move on.

This whole thing is just who God is. He isn’t acting a certain way, it’s who He is at His core. And He wants us to be like Him. We can fight this side of Him. We can set ourselves up as impressive, and spread the word about how amazing we are. But everytime we do, we are denying who God is and who we are meant to be.

And when Jesus has lived a life like this, the promise is that “In His name the nations will put their hope”. There is justice, but it’s for God, not for us. Its tough to trust that sometimes.