Me + You = One

The last part of Jesus’ prayer in John 17:20-26 is astounding. No, really, it is. Read it and see. As Jesus is getting ready to be arrested, He doesn’t throw in one more prayer for Himself. He doesn’t pray for the 11. He doesn’t pray for His mom. He prays for me and you. His last thoughts are about us. So, what does He pray?

He prays for us to be unified. Together. To work as one. To be one in the same way that He and His Father are one. Think about that for a moment. They were separated by two realms, the physical and the spiritual. Yet, even with that separation, they grew closer with each passing day. They loved and listened to each other, and accomplished the Father’s will. Hmmm….

So what does that mean for us? What would it look like for me and you, and the other millions of Christians worldwide to be one? How could we work towards being one with the believers in Kenya, China, Afghanistan, Berlin, Boston, London, and Greenland? What would it take? Could it be done?

And most importantly, why is this Christ’s prayer for us? Not for us to prosper, be comfortable, have a great life, be politically active, run the world, or be great. He prayed one thing, for unity. Why?

If you read this, I really would like to hear your opinion on it. We don’t ever discuss this, yet it seemed to be of utmost importance to our Lord.

One thought on “Me + You = One

  1. To live, to work, to journey together as one has GOT to be the way to walk the way of Jesus most successfully … but the actual “HOW” of that remains hard to grasp for me.

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