Heading Home for True North

In John 17, we hit one of my favorite prayers in the Bible. Jesus speaks with God before the arrest with Judas comes. It’s almost a man’s last words. I’ve always wondered how John knew these words. Were they said while the disciples were awake? Remember, we are told in the other gospels that the disciples fell asleep, and Jesus was alone. Or did Jesus tell John about the prayer later after the resurrection? I don’t know, but either way, it’s an incredibly powerful prayer.

In the first five verses, we simply see Jesus getting ready to come home. Regardless of what He knew at what stage of life, there is no doubt at this point He knows who He is, where He has been, and where He is going. Just the resolve in His voice, the strength in faith, is so powerful, it always moves me.

I want to live in such a way that my life and words clearly speak what Jesus says in the first five verses of chapter 17. Check it out:
1. There is a plan. The time has come. This is not an accident and You are in charge.
2. Do what you want with me, because I know it will point back to you.
3. You have given me everything I have so that I might be a gift to them. Use me as you will.
4. The gospel is simple and clear, know and love God and Jesus. That’s it.
5. I have done what you asked, and it worked.
6. Take me home to where I am meant to be.

That is a blueprint for life worth living! All for Him, everything He gives me all goes back to Him. My life has a clear and worthwhile purpose and goal, and at the end, it is achieved. I want to live that way.

Any thoughts?