Upside Down and Inside Out

I absolutely love how John writes. He is amazing. Take a look at the passage in John 12:1-11. I so wish I could write like this. Yeah, I know, it’s inspired by God. But I also think he was a gifted writer. Check it out.

Jesus has been in hiding, because the religious leaders decide to kill Him. How does He know that? We aren’t sure. But when He shows up, He does so at Lazarus house. He goes to hang out with the living, the one He raised from the dead. Mary comes in and anoints Him with perfume. Respect given to a king or ruler. So we have life and power demonstrated among people who are powerless and with one who is condemned to die.

Judas raises a fuss about the money, because it could be used for the poor. His cry is about being generous to those in need. But the reality is he wants it for himself, since he steals from the money bag that he carries for the crew. We have generosity being used as a cover for theft and selfishness.

Jesus, who is the king of life, the one who can raise the dead, declares that the day of His burial is on them. The perfume is for His death.

Finally, the Jewish leaders find out where Jesus is. These men of God, who are called to lead people to the One of love, compassion, and life make plans. They want to kill the only person who has ever brought someone back from the dead. They also want to kill the one who was brought back. Think about that for a minute. Their thoughts run something like this:”Okay, Jesus can raise the dead. He’s done it beyond any doubt. It makes us look bad. So, let’s kill the guy who is stronger than death. Let’s kill the guy who already died once, and is back again, for good measure as well.”

That is some crazy story telling. If you read that and don’t get how backwards everything is, you’ve really missed the point (which I’ve done for years). John wants us to see how easy it is to get completely opposite of God when we take things in our own power, trust our own wisdom, make our own plans.

So, where are we fighting God? Where are we trying to kill of the one who can raise the dead? What in our daily path is God wanting to call to life, only to see us try and plan it’s demise? It won’t work. He wins. He’s simply too great, too strong, too much. He is amazing, He is grace.