That’s a Lot of Fillet O Fish Sandwiches!

This story is so cool! I love the stories like this one. In John 6:1-15, Jesus crosses the sea to another part of the country. But people follow him, probably by boat and on foot. I’m sure they gathered a crowd as they went, so that by the time Jesus sets up shop, a huge crowd of over 5000 people is there.

Note that the Passover is coming (vs. 4). Jesus intentionally does miracles with bread and care around the passover each year of His ministry, it seems. The details and planning are so cool on His part!

Then he sets Phillip up. He knows He’s going to feed the people, but He wants Phillip in on the deal. Of course, Peter jumps in with his faith and goes half way. He always gives thanks before a miracle, pointing straight to God the Father. Then He feeds everyone as much as they wanted. This is in a culture where people struggle to find food, He feeds them until they are full.

So, of course, they want to make Him their king. They are going to do it by force, it seems. That is a desperate group of people! But He runs away and hides.

Okay, so if this was me, I would likely have done the miracle, pointed half of the credit towards myself, shifting just enough to God to look humble, and then graciously accepted their call to be King, assuming it was God’s “will”. I have so far to go to become like Christ! He is so focused on what He is here to do. He has laser intensity on glorifying the Father. My prayer for the day is that I can become so much better at that same thing.