Are There Roaming Charges for That Healing?

Jesus takes off from Samaria, and heads back towards Galilee, his home turf. I find the comment John inserts about a prophet not being respected in his home town confusing. It implies that Jesus is about to get blown off by the people back home. I understand what he means. Jesus comes back, and He is always Joseph’s little boy, the carpenter’s kid. “Isn’t it cute that He thinks He’s a rabbi? He’s done so well. Mary must be so proud.” You can hear them all now.

But when Jesus shows up, He is well received by everyone. They seem excited that He is there. So why the previous comment? I don’t know. Maybe some of you guys will have an idea. If so, please post it for all of us to think about.

So, He shows up, and seems to be well received. And then the ruler comes looking for a miracle. Jesus seems to scold him for his unbelief. Maybe they were all being a little opportunistic. Maybe they were hoping to latch onto the local kids coattails or something. I don’t know.

But even though Jesus seems a little put off by the guy, He still heals His child. That’s the part I love. It seems there are mixed motives and issues going on, but Jesus doesn’t take some stand on “principle” to “teach them a lesson”. I probably would have, but He doesn’t.

He heals the child. Instantly. From a distance. And John sees enough in it to write about it in his story.

My gut tells me there is more here than I am seeing. Any ideas?