I Hosted a Rock Concert for $100,000!

Last night several of our seniors were at the house for our weekly small group. We played the game of Life. You know, the one with the board, the little cars you put the people in, buy the house, etc. There were seven of us, so Phil and I played as college roommates. We went to college, got a job as an accountant, and drew the $20,000 a year salary card. Needless to say, we got smoked. Wes, on the other hand, skipped college, drew the job as the computer tech, and because no one can keep the spinner wheel on it’s track, he racked up over $2,000,000,000 in cash. Sounds about right.

So anyway, we play the game, get to the end, Wes smokes us all, and we talk about it for a little bit. What role should money have in a Christians life? If you go to college, what’s the goal? What should we do with our gifts and talents. I really encouraged each of these amazingly talented students to consider taking a few years when they graduate from college, and investing it in some part of the world in need. Wes wants to be an engineer. What if he went and worked with communities desperately in need of water, teaching them how to drill wells? Kim wants to be an accountant. What if she took the time to go and run a micro-finance bank. Justin wants to teach, Kim wants to help the blind, Paige wants to work with teenagers. What could be done if each of them gave 3-5 years out of college? It would be monumental.

But what about today? What can you or I do today? One of the easiest steps is child sponsorship. Never underestimate what it can do. But what about locally. What of the poor in our community? As Mother Teresa said, poverty of the soul is the greatest poverty of all. What of our neighbors in need? What of those around us who are broken and dying? What can we do today? It all starts with prayer. Ask God for His eyes, His ears, His heart. You’ll see what I mean. Give it a try.

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  1. Amen Jason! Even those who struggle within their own finances, can give of their talents and time. It amazes me how just a smile or a kind word can change a hurting soul. God can work through all of us in many different ways if we just allow Him to do so. Lord bless

  2. Hey Jason,

    Voice from your past :). Hope you are doing good. I don’t know if I have talked to you since college, but I hope you are doing well. Thanks for a great blog to check out, I will bookmark this one if it is okay with you.

    Life for me is great, I got married about 2.5 years ago to a great girl named Laura, I’m working at FBC Welcome as Youth minister/sort of an associate pastor in a contemporary service, and I’ve been doing that for about 2.5 years too.

    Anyway, I found some stuff you had written in a Dawson McAllister book from a conference in I think 1995, when we stayed at a church and went to Dawson’s “A Walk With Christ to the Cross.” Unfortunately I remember being so exhausted from the midnight basketball that we played and the reciting of Weird Al songs while trying to go to sleep that I had a hard time staying awake once Dawson’s voice started. Anyway, send me an email if you get a chance at j_goodman9931@yahoo.com and I’ll scan you what I found, I think you’ll like it.

    Great to find you online, God bless and I’ll hopefully talk to you soon!

    Jonathan Goodman

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