Who was kissing Santa Claus?

Tonight is one of my favorite nights. Our family has no scheduled events on Thursday nights, so it’s just homework, dinner, and hanging out as a family. It’s nice after the early week run of youth group meetings, AWANA, and more. After dinner, Alivia was working on homework with Jill, and Annie and I were hanging out. We were listening to great Christmas tunes of the faith (Here Comes Santa Claus, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, etc.) It was a deeply moving time, to be sure. The CD made it’s rotation around to “I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus”, and Annie began to hum and sing along, without realizing she was doing so in a way I could hear. So, I joined in, and we warbled a crooked little tune along with the kids on the CD. Once we were done, Annie proceeded out of the kitchen, but returned again shortly. “You know, dad, that song isn’t really about Santa Claus.”

“Really? Who’s it about then?”

“The mom is kissing the da-ad!” she replied, obviously enlightening her clueless father.

I smiled the smile of a father playing along with his little one. I loved it when she taught me things, even things I already knew. I smiled a little, smugly about it.

Then the little voice came. The one from my Father. “You do the same with me” was faintly whispered in my soul.

As the thought soaked through my mind, I realized I do. I tell God of things, informing Him of pertinent information that He might be interested in learning. I correct Him when He’s wrong. I show Him enlightened views when necessary. He always listens.

But it’s just me teaching my Dad something, usually about as worthwhile as who was actually kissing Santa Claus. I’m not sure why I do it. I mean, if Annie stopped to think about it, she’d realize I already know what the song is about. She doesn’t think I’m stupid or ignorant. She’s just so self-absorbed that she doesn’t stop to think about me. She just informs me. She’ll outgrow it, and realize that others do know something. Even things she doesn’t know. Wisdom comes with age.

God is doing the same with me. He is so patient when I truly believe I know all that I need to. When I tell Him no, when I act on short sighted information, He stands beside me. When it all collapses because it’s a house of cards built on my understanding, He stands with me in the fall. He looks at me, knowing one day I’ll outgrow it. One day, wisdom will make its way deep in the hard to reach, stubborn recesses of my soul, and I will remember that Dad does know more than me. One day. I’m trusting wisdom does come with age.

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