A Hole In My Roof, A Rowdy Party, Illegal Eating, and Jesus

We are supposed to like change.  It’s expected.  Change is good, change is forward progress, you can’t grow if you don’t change.  It’s become such a mainstay of how we think in Western culture that anyone who doesn’t like change is seen as a dead weight, someone opposed to growth, even opposed to what God is doing.  Recently, I was taught a truth that resonates deep within me.

“People don’t resist change, they resist loss” – Dr. Scott Cormode

Yeah, that’s much more the issue.  I like change.  It energizes me.  It’s just the personality I was born with.  It’s not a strength, it’s just a face.  But I don’t like loss.  At all.  So, I read Mark 2 today, and go past the stories of Jesus forgiving/healing the guy brought to Him on the mat by his friends, Jesus eating with the tax collectors, Jesus not fasting, and Jesus eating on the Sabbath.  In all four stories, His answer to why these things are happening point to a new way, a new change, that He is bringing in.

So, in our culture, we read it, and because we are conditioned to endorse change, at least outwardly, we think “Oh, Jesus wants to change to new ways.  I’m down with that.”   But what about loss?  Are we so quick to embrace loss?

Here are five questions to think about today:

1. What is God pointing out in my life that I need to change in order to follow Him?
2. What will be three things that I will lose if I obey Him?
3. What will be three things I lose if I don’t follow Him?
4. What fears will I need to have Him help me overcome in order to obey?
5. What is the first step in obeying Him in this today?

I would love for you to share your answers if you’re willing.  Or feel free to push back on the questions, or add to them.