Sticky Faith Summit Kara Powell

Sticky Faith
Session #1
Dr. Kara Powell

                                              Message to kids

1. Church is building                             1. Kids are visitors
2. Bride of Christ                                   2. Future participants
3. Body of Christ                                    3. Functional members (what can
                                                                                  you do for us?)
4. Family of God                                    4. Orphans (we can separate kids
from their birth family through replacement

5. Family of Families

Dennis Guernsey –  A New Design for Family Ministry


Participation in all church worship is #1 in sticky faith indicators.

Students teaching children is a huge indicator in sticky faith in teenagers.

Adults showing an interest in students is crucial.  HOW DO WE PROGRAM THAT?

I need to do a better job of staying in touch with our college freshmen with a plan, and getting some other adult to adopt them.

* Do a better job of connecting students to church/ministry at colleges.

5 to 1 ratio is important.

* How can I tie into the men’s and women’s ministries better?

* How can we get in front of the staff and the elders with our findings?

* How can we relate these issues to the adults?  How can we make their faith stickier?

Prayer post-its:  annonymous prayer requests on post it notes, leave yours on the way in, pick up another on the way out.