Work It Till It Works

One of the funny things about the Orange philosophy that we are finding is that God gets involved with us.  Now I fully realize that doesn’t sound like a surprise.  Actually, it seems more like a statement by a person with no faith.  But let me explain.  My children’s pastor and I have been praying, planning, and slowly implementing Orange steps for a year and a half now.  We have tried to think things out, plan well, be willing to change, and learn as we go.  It’s really an exciting time, and we both love what is going on.

We knew we would need to do regular education of church staff members, the volunteer leaders in our ministries, and the parents in our church.  We’ve carefully worked to systematically roll out just enough information and training to keep moving forward without overloading anyone.  God has generously blessed us.  The place where I’m being surprised is the new families God is bringing our church.  Each of our ministries have had families begin attending who were not here six months ago.  The common bond between these families is that they have come in ready to lead their children spiritually.  They just need the tools to do it.  As I sit down with these new parents, I begin my discussion on how we are here to support and help them.  I introduce them to our new tools, and explain the design of our ministry.  I go through Deuteronomy 6 with them, and give them a chance to respond and ask questions.  Each of them are thrilled to hear my information, and are eager to take steps in this direction.  I have heard from several new parents “This is exactly what we are looking for!”

Remember, we have not promoted Orange.  No big announcements, no banners, no kick off campaigns.  We are just steadily implementing the philosophy, and creating new opportunities as we go.  These parents are showing up, looking for something, not exactly sure what, and finding it here, in our new Orange system.  How are they finding out?  How are they getting here?

You know what I’m about to say, it’s because God has brought them here.  A year ago, we wouldn’t have been ready to help them.  Two years ago, we would not have even been thinking in a direction that could have been any help.  Even now, we feel like we are in the earliest of early stages, but He is bringing them.  Honestly, it’s amazing to see!  I’m so grateful for what He is doing, and I’m so excited to be a part of it.

I don’t know what this will look like in your setting.  But I do know that if God is leading you in an Orange direction, He will be faithful to carry out that plan.  Give Him time.  Do what is in front of you today.  If you haven’t already been, you will soon be as surprised, and excited, as we are.

I’d love to hear your stories.