Parent Cue #2 for Rhythm Lessons

Parents, here is a Parent Cue for you that goes along with the lessons we are teaching on Sunday nights to our SrHi group, and on Wednesdays at the Middle with our middle school group.  Read it over, and spend some time discussing it with your students.  As always, let me know if I can be ANY help to you as you raise your kids to love Jesus.  You are loved, and prayed for all the time.

Here it is:

In this series we are talking about rhythm and how every piece of our lives is connected. If you went to a band concert and the flutes were out of tune, the last thing you would want is for the tuba section to just play louder in an attempt to try to drown out the squeaky flute players. The same is true in families.
When something is not right in our lives, it affects how we relate to others. If one of you has a bad day, where is that frustration usually displayed? At home, to other family members, right? For some reason, our families tend to get the worst of us, and we save our “game face” for our friends and co-workers. It’s great to have a place where you can be real and a place that’s safe, but sometimes the ways we vent put us out of rhythm with our families.
As a family, help one another find healthier ways to handle those crazy times in life. Realize that the first reaction isn’t necessarily the truest one—how someone is acting may not be the real issue. Those irritating things at home can be symptomatic of something bigger (at least to that person) going on outside the home. The fight over the remote control can be just another situation where you didn’t get something your way that day and it seemed like you were at everyone else’s mercy. The need for order may be due to something in your life that is out of control, like a sick loved one or a stressful office situation.
Help one another work past the exterior angst to the real problems. Once you’ve identified the issue, encourage and pray for one another.