Chess Pieces, Water Pistols, and the Keys to Hell

This morning I’ve been spending some time with a friend talking about spiritual attacks, and how it affects our ministries and families.  There are definitely some things I’ve learned over the years about how Satan comes after us, and I was reminded of them this morning.

1. It’s not really about us. – Satan only wants to hurt God.  They are having the battle; we are in the middle.  We’re just chess pieces in his battle with God.  We are not Satan’s ultimate goal.  He can’t defeat God in battle (already tried and lost.)  He can’t kill God (already tried and lost.)  He can only hurt God through His kids.  So, he comes after us to get to God.  If we simply obey God in the middle of the attack, then Satan will go 0 for 3.

2. It’s gonna happen. – God allows us to be under attack, so that we can rely on Him, and clearly point people to Him.  If God doesn’t allow Satan to attack us, we won’t grow.  So where Satan only uses us to get to God; God uses Satan to get us to Him.  It’s a risky thing on God’s side, but He loves us enough to run the risk.  So, attack is a normal part of growth as a Christian.

3. No water pistols. – I grew up in a culture that loved to talk about our battle we have to fight.  Phrases like “taking on Hell with a water pistol in Jesus name” were thrown around a lot.  We don’t have to attack anything.  God tells us that when we’ve done all we can to prepare, then stand.  We don’t need to attack Satan or Hell.  Jesus did on the cross, and when He left Hell, He took the keys with Him.  Satan can’t even lock his own doors anymore, Jesus holds the keys.  So, we don’t need to be all Rambo on the offensive.  God’s won.  Trust Him, obey Him, wait for Him to save the day, be faithful and stand.  Pretty simple.

4. No fear. – God does not use fear to motivate us.  Only Satan does.  So any fears of “what if….” are not from God.  He has the battle won.  We have nothing to fear as long as we obey what He wants.

Are there any others you would add?  Anything you would disagree with?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.