When It Seems Dark, Where Do You Look?

God is really, really good.

I know it’s true.  I’m struggling today with some stuff going on.  Some students in the youth ministry are hurting, and I hurt with them.  Some are hurting and seeking for God.  I’m so grateful for how He is working in their lives.  Some students are hurting and want nothing to do with God, and I hurt with them.  I know God is working in their lives too, and for that I am grateful.

But it’s tough.  It’s hard not to take it personally when someone rejects Jesus.  It’s not so much that I feel like my ministry if failing or anything, it’s just that I love Him so much, and can see so clearly that if they would just trust Him a little, radical life change would come.  Things would be SO much better for them if they would let Him have control.  But they won’t.  For now.  So my heart breaks.

That is why I say

God is really, really good.

He keeps reminding me that He has been rejected before.  By me.  Yet He never gave up on me.  He kept loving, calling, speaking, creating.  He kept going when I stopped.  He will do the same for them.  In that reminder, I feel His love all again.  It’s not about my fears, it’s about His strength.  It’s not an issue of “What do I need to do to help this student/family out?”  It’s a fact that He IS helping them out, in the middle of this all.  I may not see it, and it may be a bit dark right now.  But He IS working, today, in the middle of it.

I just need to trust Him.

I can do that, because

God is really, really good.