Build Good Today, or Conquer Great Tomorrow. Your Choice.

I’m reading in Numbers 31 and 32 today.  At this point in the story, the Israelites are getting ready to cross the Jordan into the promised land and take control of what they have been waiting on for over 40 years.  An interesting thing occurs at this point.  Three tribes of people come to Moses and say they want to stay where they are.  They like the land they are in, and they want to stay there. 

Moses gets on them for not being willing to follow God’s plans, and for bailing on their nation and avoiding the fight.  So they agree to fight with their brothers for the new land, but then come back to the old land.  Moses doesn’t get it, but he agrees.

So, these groups of men build cities where they are.  They build nice, safe cities in the land that they can see.  Then the prepare to leave and go fight the battle they are called to fight.

Why in the world would you settle for “okay”, and then go fight for “great”, only to return home to “okay”?  The place they were in was “okay”.  Where they were heading for was “great”.  They settled, literally and figuratively.  They still had to fight, but their decision guaranteed they would lose out in the long run.

Maybe they thought their nation would lose, and the people shooting for “great” wouldn’t get anything.  Maybe they thought this unseen place everyone was talking about was just over hyped, and couldn’t be any better than what they already had.  I don’t know.  But they wanted comfort, and they wanted what they could see and hold today as opposed to what was unseen and promised tomorrow.

How many times do we do this same thing?  God promises if we will live a life of truth, integrity, and honesty, He will reward us tomorrow.  Instead we settle for half-truths and silence today.  God tells us if we chase after purity and holiness in our thoughts, actions, how we dress, and how we speak, then we will see God.  Instead we settle for not being as nasty as some of our friends are.  God tells us if we will be humble, kind, patient, and generous, we will inherit the earth.  Instead we settle for inheriting our little patch of life today, quietly.

We trade “great” for “good”.  And never know what we miss.

We need to fight the battles that need fought today, so that God’s kingdom can grow, and we will see just how generous God is in meeting our needs.  It will be amazing.

Don’t ever settle for “good”, fight for “great”.