Sinkholes, Fire, Plagues, and Me

In Numbers 16 and 17 the story of the people grumbling against Moses, Aaron and God continues.  Repeatedly in these stories the people complain about how they are being treated, God decides to be done with them, Moses begs for Him not to do it, and they are spared.  But several thousand of them still suffer for their disobedience.  God sends a plague to kill some, fire comes from the Tabernacle and burns up 250 priests, and the ground opens up and swallows two families.  It’s crazy stuff.

Moses keeps begging God to forgive and save the people.  He really is a foreshadowing of Jesus to come.

Here is my question for the day, though.  How are we, how am I, acting like the Hebrews?  Where am I grumbling before God, complaining about my blessings, choosing to see my past and my present through distorted lenses?  Where am I deserving death?  Yeah, I know, that’s harsh.  But true.  I don’t want to live in such a way that I am ungrateful before God, and cause Him the stress that the people of Israel caused Him. 

I look at their story, and I get disgusted with them.  I think that they are hopeless, foolish, selfish, idiots.  I want God to destroy them.  But that’s the point.  We are supposed to feel like that.  And when we do, the Spirit whispers in our ears, “Are you really all that different?”

I’m not different at all.

I have so much to be thankful for, and I’m so quick to complain to God about what I don’t have.

I’m sorry God.  I really am.

Help me, help us, to be grateful.  You deserve it.

And thanks for not opening up a huge hole in the earth and swallowing my house. 

That I am definitely grateful for.