Moving Day

God just doesn’t make sense sometimes.  In Genesis 46, 47 we see Israel moving his family from the land he had been promised to Egypt, where his son, Joseph was.  The famine had gotten so bad, the people were threatened with death, and they had to go to Egypt to survive. 

But wait a minute… the whole story up to this point had been about how God had promised Abraham and his kids and grand kids how they would have this land as their own, and they would become a great nation.  Then this famine hits, and God has to scramble to come up with a new plan.  Ok, yeah, I know, that isn’t what is happening.  But for Israel (Jacob), that is what it would have looked like.  He didn’t know why God was moving them out of the place He had told them to be.  He just heard the “go”, with no more promises.  And it seemed like it was because a famine had hit this land that was supposed to be theirs. 

From Israel’s point of view, in his day, from his eyes, God had been beat, and was coming up with plan B.  That’s never a good feeling.  It’s so tough when we clearly hear from God about something, we sacrifice and obey, and we begin to see God bless us for that obedience.  Then, all of a sudden, He seems to be saying, “Okay, that was good.  Now leave what you’ve sacrificed for, and come over here for a while.”  Man, that is so hard to trust Him in. 

Why can’t He just leave good things alone.  Everything was okay over here, why do I have to go over there now? 

My friends I’ve had were just fine, why are you telling me to be friends with this new person now? 

My job was great!  You gave it to me, I’ve trusted you through the scary parts, and am settled in now.  Why are you telling me to go to this other place and start over with a new boss?

I’ve served you faithfully in this area, and have seen you working.  Things are just getting good, and now you’re telling me I need to go serve over there?

We finally got our family settled down and at peace, and you want me to do what?

You get the idea.  But don’t miss the point.  God’s plan was bigger than Israel could see.  It was bigger than his life.  God moved him to a new place, and he died there.  His kids died there.  Several generations were born and died in Egypt.  But God had a big plan.  His story was being carried out.

So whatever God is asking you to let go of, to move to somewhere new on, don’t be afraid.  You’ve done well where you are.  You’ve been faithful.  But that never means you get to stay put.  Follow Him.  Fearlessly.

There’s a plan.