His Face and His Hands

Psalm 27 is a song of courage, that God will protect us and deliver us when things are going south in a hurry.  In it, David says that all He wants is to be with God, and to see His face.  I love it in verse 8 when he says “My heart says of You “Seek His face!  Your face, Lord, I will seek.”

See, here’s some of what’s going on.  Often we want to talk to God and ask for things.  He tells us to do it.  He expects us to ask for His help, and He tells us we should come to Him with our needs.  But other times, we need to just be with Him.  Often times it’s discussed as “seeking God’s face instead of His hands”, meaning we talk to God and spend time with God just to be with Him, as opposed to needing something from Him.

What I love is David’s simple determination.  In his heart he knows he needs to spend time with God.  So, He does it.  No debate, no excuses, no “I’m not sure how to do that”.  He just does it.  He is confident God will receive him, and that he will see God’s goodness here, in this life.

When was the last time you felt a push to spend time with God, and ignored it or put it off?  Today, stop and listen to your heart.  Seek God’s face right now.  I am sure He will be thrilled to spend the time with you.  I’m headed that way right now.