Beyond – Senior High Youth Group in Review 11/21/2010

Lesson Series – “Live”
Lesson Title – “Unstoppable”
Big Idea – If Jesus is for us, who cares who is against us?
Bible Verses – Romans 8:26-39
Overview of the night
Gym game – We let the students hang out while the Colts lost on the big screen in the gym.  Some of the students played Bombardment (a dodgeball game), while others hung out, talked, and laughed.
Announcements –
1. We have a worship night next Sunday night from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.  Parents are invited to come as well as students.  The band will lead in some music, and we will have several interactive worship stations set up by students that everyone can take part in.
2. December 5th is our Christmas on the Circle trip.  Sign ups are due by next Sunday.
3. On December 12th we will be sending everyone out on service projects for Christmas.  Everyone will need a permission form, and if you’d like to drive, let us know.
4. We will not be meeting on December 19th or 26th.
5. We have Nerf Wars on Tuesday December 28th
6. We have a Video Game Challenge on Wednesday December 29th
7. We have cards students can fill out to turn in prayer requests each week.
8. We have One Minute Bibles available for $5.
Lesson – The lesson was taught by Vince Bradburn.  It’s Vince, by the way, not Mr. Bradburn.  Just so we have that straight.  We showed a video called Iron Head.  You can see it here.  Vince did an amazing job of walking students through a section of Romans that was very, very packed. 
His points were:
1.God Helps Us All – God is not picky in who He loves or cares for.  None of us are outside of His passion and love.
2. God Wants to Complete Us  – God has amazing plans for us, and will see them through.  If we trust Him, He wants to make us the best we can be as we become more like Him.
3. Nothing Can Separate Us From God’s Love – No matter what we may do, or how bad we may mess up, if we want His forgiveness, He gives it to us every time.
4. Knowing Him and His love for us changes how we face our problems – When we follow Him, we are not ruled by our fears and mistakes, but by His love and wisdom.  It makes all the difference in the world.
Everyone ended the night in small groups.
Follow Up – It was a great night, full of fun and truth.  Here are some questions to ask your students/friends about what they learned:
1. When you think about the four points Vince taught, which one is the easiest for you to believe?  Why?
2. Which of the four points is the toughest for you to believe?  Why?
3. How does knowing that God loves you forever change how you approach your problems?
4. What is one thing here at home we can do as a family to trust God more?