the Edge in review – November 17, 2010

I am stealing this idea from a couple of friends of mine.  I’m going to try and post a basic review of what went down at youth group the night before, so that parents and any students who couldn’t be there can see what went on.  If I miss any details, feel free to add them in.
Lesson Series – “What I Really Want to Know Is…”
Lesson Title – “How Can I Know that God is Real?”
Big Idea – We know God is real through faith.
Bible Verses – Hebrews 11:1
Overview of the night
Gym game – We played Four Team Smashball for our game.  It’s baseball, only with tennis rackets and tennis balls, and a whole lot of chaos.  We had a great time, everyone laughed a lot, and I have no clue whatsoever who won.  But no one asked, so it’s all good.
Table Teams – For our table game, we did a flash game on the screen where the students had to scream as loud as possible to drive a car down a race track.  We went guys verses girls, with the boys claiming the win both times.  Our boys are loud!  They also work together surprisingly well.  You can see a sample of the game here: Race This!
 If you want to see our announcements, they are available here:
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Each week we do a drawing for dumb prizes.  If a student memorizes a verse from the Bible, quotes it to their table leader, and can explain what it means, then their name goes in a drawing for prizes.  Last night, we had 16 students enter, five were drawn for prizes.
Lesson – The lesson was taught by Jason Richardson.  He did an excellent job walking the kids through the idea of faith.  His points were:
1. We use faith everyday. – The idea of faith is nothing new.  There are all sorts of things we believe in that we can’t see or touch.  (Love, wind, farts, etc.)  Faith is nothing to be afraid of, it’s normal.
2. Faith is not the same as pretending. – Sometimes people accuse Christians of just wanting there to be a God, when there isn’t.  They think Jesus’ followers are playing pretend.  But when we are pretending, we know it.  We are clear about it.  No one accidentally plays pretend.  We know that faith is different.
3. God proves Himself to us everyday. – There are a 1000 things a day that God does to show Himself to us, if we are willing to look.  The issue isn’t whether or not He shows up, but whether or not we are looking for Him.  Jason encouraged the students to look for themselves and see if God was trying to get their attention.
Everyone ended the night in small groups.
Follow Up – It was a great night, full of fun and great truth.  Here are some questions to ask your students/friends about what they learned:
1. What do you think faith is?
2. What is something that you can’t see or touch that you think is easy to believe in?  Why?
3. What is something that you can’t see or touch that you think is hard to believe in?  Why?
4. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being easy, and 10 being crazy difficult, how hard is it for you to believe in God?  Why?

Let me know what else you’d like to know about the night.  We’ll try to post these after Beyond on Sunday nights, and the Edge on Wednesday nights.  Thanks!