Dating Questions from the Edge

Last Wednesday we did a “Questions Night” where everyone could ask whatever questions they wanted.  Since we had just finished a series on dating, we had a lot of dating and sex questions.  I thought I’d quickly answer some here.

1. “What should I say to someone who wants to go out with me and I can’t because my mom and dad say I can’t?” – Don’t lie to them.  If you are not interested in them, the best way to handle it is to just tell them that you really like them as a friend (if that’s true) and you are not interested in dating them.  If you do like them, explain to them that you like them, but that you are not allowed to date.  Ok, I know both of these answers are tough, and require a ton of guts to be honest about.  But, being honest is always the least painful way to handle these relationship issues.  It’s worth it to shoot straight with someone.

2. “What do you do when he calls his friend asking for another girls number?” – I assume you mean your boyfriend did this behind your back.  Simply ask him why.  There may be a good reason for it.  Homework info, getting the number for a friend, or some other reason.  Or maybe not.  Let him have a chance to explain, and watch to see if he’s being honest.  If you doubt him, talk to him about it.  You have to be up front and honest about this stuff.

3.  “When you want to break up with someone, how?” – Great question!  Be honest with them, and try to be as kind as you can. Don’t lie to soften the pain, and don’t be mean to get even.  Just tell them the truth.  Often, if you write it out first, and re-read it, you can figure out the best way to tell them.  You need to tell them in person, and at a time where they don’t have to deal with during class.  Tell them so they have a chance to deal with it outside of school.

4. “Why do kids always say different stuff when they are not allowed to date?” – Often, it’s just because they are embarrassed because they can’t.  Their friends have put some stupid pressure on them that they are “supposed” to be dating, and they can’t, so they feel insecure.  So, they make up stories about why they aren’t dating to try and cover it up.  First off, there is no age at which you are “supposed” to date.  That’s crazy!  And secondly, there is nothing wrong with telling someone you are not allowed to.  You aren’t allowed to drive yet either, and that’s no big deal.  Anyone who teases you about is way immature, and their opinion isn’t worth getting worked up over.

5. “Why do guys and girls only go out with people if they’re hot?” – We’ve been taught that this is what matters, and that it makes us more important if we have a hot boyfriend or girlfriend.  Honestly, it doesn’t mean anything.  Just look at all of the attractive people who date someone just because they have money.  That’s not about love, or about how great the person is.  The hot person is with the other one just to get their money.  It’s no big deal what other people think your boyfriend or girlfriend look like.  Friendship matters more than anything.

6. “I think God is not real because every time I ask a girl out they say “no” or “you’re gross”.  Please explain to me how that happens.” – Man, I’m sorry.  This honestly has much less to do with whether or not God is real, and more about the girls you are asking out.  How are you picking who to ask?  Are they good friends first, or are you picking them because of their looks, reputation, or what?  If you are asking out girls who are good friends, then ask them why they said no.  Sometimes we get turned down because of simple things we can change, sometimes its just the other person doesn’t feel about us the way we feel about them.  EVERY guy has been there, man.  I promise.  God’s plan for you goes way past whether or not you can get a date in middle school.  He loves you, and has created you to be an amazing man who accomplishes great things if you follow Him.  Don’t give up on Him, He will never give up on you.  I promise.

7.  “What do you do if a girl asks you to come over to her house?  Do you have sex with her or just hang out?  I don’t know what to do.” – Whew, man, this is a tough one.  Did the girl ask you to come over when her parents weren’t there?  Is this a girl you’ve known long?  Is this a friend, or what?  There is nothing wrong with hanging out at a girl’s house, with some basic guidelines.  Do your parents know where you are going, and who is going to be there?  Are her parents home and aware you are coming over?  What are the plans when you show up?  Why do you want to go?  Listen man, I know this sort of stuff is hard to figure out, but the Bible talks about this some.  Proverbs chapters 5 and 7 talk about hooking up with someone, and what an incredible price you end up paying for it.  My advice is if you are in doubt about what is going to go on while you’re there, or about who will or won’t be there, then DON’T GO!  If you find yourself tempted to lie about the situation, then DON’T GO!  It’s super risky with huge consequences.  God’s plan for you is way better than this.