What You Wear Really Matters, I Guess

So Cameron Crenshaw and I are trying to figure out Matthew 22:1-14 today.  It’s a story of a king who throws a wedding party, and the guests he invites don’t show.  So He invites everyone off the street, and they all come in.  But one guy shows up, and isn’t wearing the right wedding clothes, and gets kicked out.  This is where I get stuck.

Some people say it’s because the King would have provided fancy clothing for everyone at the party, and this guy had rejected it.  That would work. 

I get the part about the first crew not coming.  Jesus is showing how the Jews, who had been God’s chosen people, had rejected Him enough that He was going to invite everyone in.  I don’t get the clothing part.  Is it an example of how we need to be “clothed” in faith in Jesus, like a robe of righteousness that He discusses in other places?

I don’t know. What do you think it’s all about?

One thought on “What You Wear Really Matters, I Guess

  1. This passage has always bothered me.
    The one thing I see is that the king INVITED all of these guests, and since we see that only this guy is singled out as not having on wedding clothes we can assume that the king also PROVIDED what was necessary to enter in to the wedding banquet.

    Invitation and provision

    It seems like the two go hand in hand
    Jesus invites us to Himself, and then gives us the provision of Himself and His Spirit through His sacrifice and our repentance.
    Is it possible to accept the invitation (yeah, that looks good, I want to be a part of that) and yet reject the provision?

    Random thoughts

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