Why Jesus Hates Trees

Jesus is hungry in the morning as He heads back into Jerusalem.  He walks up to a fig tree to get something to eat, but it doesn’t have any figs on it.  He tells it that it won’t bear figs again, and the tree withers.

What?  No, seriously, WHAT?  What is this story all about.  At face value, Jesus is mad at the tree and kills it.  That’s what the story says.  Jesus then goes on to talk about faith and prayer.  But really?  John tells us there are more stories about Jesus than there is paper to write them on, and this one gets included?  Jesus gets hacked because He’s hungry and kills a tree?

Somehow, there’s more to it than this.  I mean, let’s go with the story.  Jesus is hungry, can’t find the food He wants and loses His cool.  His answer is to curse a tree?  He could have had a storm blow it over. That would have been cool.  He could have made figs grow on it and eaten them.  He could have made a full breakfast appear.  He could have just told His stomach to be full.  If He was going to do a miracle and abuse His powers for selfish reasons, He could have done better than to curse a tree. 

But we are told He never sinned.  To lose His cool and use His power for Himself would have been out of character.  He doesn’t do it later, why would He do it now?  And if the tree was supposed to feed Jesus that day, it would have.  God would have made sure of it.

So, the tree wasn’t supposed to feed Jesus.  And the cursing wasn’t because He lost His cool.

So, what is it?  Seems like a lesson in the works.  When God makes something to produce a certain fruit, He expects His creation to produce.  When it doesn’t, it’s worthless.

What are we supposed to produce?  Obedience.  When we have faith and don’t doubt, we can toss mountains.  But what about when we don’t?  We’re fruitless.  Like the fig tree.

It’s not about Jesus being hungry and mad.  It’s about us.  It’s always about us somehow, it seems.  When Jesus walks up to you and looks at what your life is producing, what does He see?