What’s in YOUR Wallet?

It’s interesting in Matthew 19:16-30, how Jesus lists off the commands for the rich young dude.  You know the story.  Rich young guy comes to Jesus, wants to know what good thing he needs to do to get eternal life.  Jesus tells him to keep the commands.  Which ones, the dude wants to know.  In the list, Jesus jumps to the 10 Commandments.  But do you catch which one He leaves off?  #1.  You will have no other gods before Me.  He leaves off the very first one.

It’s the one this guy struggles with the most.  Idolatry.  The guy has cash, and is very attached to it.  Jesus tells him to give it all away, and the dude walks away sad.

What’s going on with this?  Is Jesus playing games with Him, or what?  I think Jesus knows the dudes heart, and wants to help him see what’s wrong.  The guy lives a good life of honor and morals, and is still unsettled.  All of his money is not making him happy.  It never does.  So Jesus talks about all the stuff he is doing to try and compensate, and then gets to the core issue.  It’s the hold your money has on you.  Ditch it.  Cut it free.  Let it go.

I HATE this story.  It hurts.  There are several things I hold on to that I have a hard time letting go of.  Comfort, stability, my need to please others, money, pride, and a long litany of issues.  God wants them all.  Not to punish me, but to make me more like Him, full of faith and trust.

But I fight it.  And often go away sad.

But then, there’s hope: “With humans this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

May it be in my life as you have said, God.

May it be.