Questioning God

It’s interesting reading through Matthew 10 and 11 how Jesus responds to people. He warns His disciples that people are going to turn against their own family because of people questioning who He is. He tells them they need to be ready to abandon everything they rely on in order to faithfully follow Jesus.

Then John the Baptist, Jesus’ own cousin, who grew up with Him, and baptized Him, questions Jesus. John hears what Jesus is saying, and he begins to wonder if he has been wrong somehow. Jesus offers John encouraging proof, and tells him to be faithful and not to stumble over what he hears Jesus saying.

Then Jesus gets on the people listening to Him and tells them they are like children who can’t be made happy. They complain that John was too serious, and Jesus partied too much. Their questions lead to Jesus’ anger.

So, is Jesus okay with us doubting and questioning Him or not?


And no.

He doesn’t want our questions when they come from a desire to hold onto our lives, and He is calling us to let them go. When we are asking out of selfish reasons, we’re plainly in the wrong.

When we question Him because we want to know God better, and need to understand more of what He is all about, Jesus welcomes those questions.

Now, when we ask selfish or fearful questions, Jesus still stands by us and shows us love. But He wants us to move on. He calls us out of the self-centered thoughts we are in.

What questions do you have for God today?