Unanswered Questions #4

At the Edge, we did a two part questions night. I’m going to use this space to answer some of the questions we didn’t get to that night.

Question: “How do you know that Christianity is the correct religion?”

Answer: Another way people often ask this question is how do we know that Jesus is really the only way to God? What about Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Scientology, Wicca, etc.?

It’s tough, because Christians come off as really obnoxious and narrow minded when we discuss this issue. Most of the other religions, except for Islam, say you can believe almost anything as long as you really believe it. Islam says that their way is the only way as well, but that’s another issue. So, how do we know Christianity is right?

It depends on what you mean by “know”. If you’re talking about “scientific proof”, there isn’t a foolproof way to show it. Religion is based on faith, and following Jesus is based on faith. So, what do we know in this discussion?

Jesus was a real person. Some people have tried to prove He never existed, but we have way too much historical proof that He did. We have written records of what He said and did that are reliable. So, Jesus claims that He is the only way to heaven and to God. (John 14:6 and other places). We see what Jesus taught, the question is, was He telling the truth or was He lying.

That’s where the faith comes in. We have to decide if He is really God or not. But even this isn’t a blind faith. You can see Jesus at work in your friends life, or in my life. Does what we say and do add up? You can talk to Him yourself, and He will answer. He shows Himself to us in our lives each day if we look for it.

You see, the real difference between following Jesus and all of the other stuff is Jesus is the only God who comes for us. All the other religions tell us how to get to God. Jesus says He came, and still shows up today, for us. It’s a great question. Keep looking and seeking in your own life. He will show you what is true.