Today has been one of those days. I had one meeting scheduled for this morning. The rest of the day was set aside for administrative stuff and lesson planning. It’s noon, I’m on my computer for the first time, and I have had four meetings. I have two phone messages from people needing to talk with me. And yes, I’m aware I’m blogging instead of working. I have to talk it out somewhere, and this is where.

I’m not mad at these people. I am struggling with time management lately, I admit. But, at the same time, none of these meetings were pointless issues. They were real. They weren’t chats.

I have to readjust my boundaries again it seems. I have gotten slack in how tight I am with my time, and I can’t do it. I hate the in between land. I want to have time to listen to people and serve them as the needs arise. But I have admin work to do because of a growing ministry.

Give it away? We can’t afford another staffer when Michael leaves. Our admin assistant is part time, and works mostly for our senior pastor. A volunteer just never seems to work out.


It seems like I’ll have to buckle down. I can do it. But it never lasts as a permanent solution. Pray for me, and share your ideas.