Cheap Grace is No Grace

I continue to work through these questions about salvation and what I/we are calling our students to. Last night, I met with our senior high leadership team, and we spent some time discussing who we are calling our kids to follow. I’ve got a growing uneasiness that we may have made Jesus more buddy, or uber-patient father, than we have Lord. I’m still not sure, but it won’t go away. The more I pray about it and think about it, the stronger the feeling gets. I can’t believe I would have ever fallen into the cheap grace side of things, but I think I have. I’ve felt this way for well over a year, but it’s really coming to a head now.

I mean, we still teach Christ and Him crucified. But I think I may have painted a picture of Jesus that is not strong enough. It seems that our kids hold onto Jesus for as long as He “works”, then when something “better” comes along, they bail. Usually it is sex somewhere in the system that ruins them.

I don’t think more teaching on sex and abstinence is the answer though. I really think we need, I need, to present a much clearer, stronger picture of Jesus as King, Lord, Redeemer, Lover, and Creator. Sigh…

God, please give me the truth and direction I need to speak to these kids.

Pray for me, for us, in this.

One thought on “Cheap Grace is No Grace

  1. Wow, God must be shaking up a bunch of us. What is salvation, as importantly what is regeneration. I have literally been shaken to my core on these questions in the last 3 weeks.

    We need to go through 1 John, James, Romans, and Ephesians without a filter.

    We need to put down The Shack and pick up Pilgrim’s Progress.

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