Time Out

I’ve been on a vacation for the last two weeks. I haven’t taken two weeks off since I was in college. I say that with regret, not pride.

It was simply fabulous! I can not express what good it did me to be gone for an extended period of time. If you have the ability to link some days together to get an extended break, take it. It is healing and healthy. My family is better off, my marriage is better off, and I am definitely better off.

It’s funny that God prescribes rest, He orders it and calls for it, but we don’t take Him seriously. Then we wonder why our faith is weak, our ministries are a weight, and our burden is heavy. At least I do. My challenge from here is to do a better job at building rhythm. I’ve worked at it before, but I have to continue to try. I can’t give up.

What are you finding that works for you to help with the rhythm of life?