A 33 Year Old Teenager?!

In an article I just read on a site called Marketing Vox (“Youth No Longer Defined by Age; Consumers Stay Younger Longer”), it describes, from a business and marketing side, how adolescence is extending up to 34 years old. Yeah, you heard me, 34 years old! Good grief!

But, as this is bearing itself out to be true, whether we like it or not, how does this affect the church? How about youth ministry? What should we do to look forward towards this issue?

I’m not sure, but it’s worth thinking though. If you have any ideas, please throw them in and let’s talk about it.

(If you go read the article, don’t look directly at the picture of Cher on the left side of the page. It will cause you severe physical and emotional pain!)

2 thoughts on “A 33 Year Old Teenager?!

  1. That is an interesting article with some definite ramifications for the church. Just in how we present ourselves and the gospel. But I’ll be honest, it seems ridiculous. But what do I know, I’m only a “golden teenager”.

  2. Well, after i vomited in my mouth from accidentally glancing to the left of my screen I read the article. I am not to surprised. I think technology is causing many 20 somethings to live a more youthful lifestyle. I know someone who has three girls and a baby on the way and while he does have responsibilities he is still a lot like a teenager. He plays XBOX Live every chance he gets. He has a facebook and myspace account. He dresses like a teenager and even acts younger than most 30 year old’s. I am sure it will have an effect on the way churches reach out to the coming generations, but I would argue that it will make it easier for churches to reach the 20-34 demographic.

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