Sweating the Details

I so easily get distracted by the unimportant. So easily. Jill and I have been having to make a long series of decisions lately dealing with a variety of issues. As we’ve walked this road together, she has managed to keep her head about her. I, on the other hand, have gotten completely distracted by them and off center. I’ve been worried, stressed, putting myself under pressure. I have allowed these decisions to dominate my conversations with virtually everyone, and been a total drain and a pest in the process. If you’ve had to listen to me lately, I’m truly sorry.

But God has been reminding me of how unimportant these details are. He has reminded me on two levels. One is how small my challenges are compared to virtually everyone around me. I am worried about details, while others are fighting for their children, their marriage, or even their lives. My worries are tiny, and theirs are substantial. I have nothing to be stressed about.

Secondly, God is more than faithful. I’ve been worried because I have put my “god” hat on, and not allowed Jesus to be in charge. I mean, He has been in charge. I’ve just been living like I was. And I couldn’t handle it well. I never do. So, He reminded me to be still and listen, because He is God. I’m so glad He is. I’m so glad He loves me when I am so incredibly small minded and stupid. I’m so glad.

So, today, I am breathing easier. I have absolutely no clue how all of these decisions are going to play out. In fact, they have gotten even MORE complicated today. But, for the first time in a long time, I’m actually not worrying about it. That’s God’s job. It’s just my role to be faithful. And that’s enough.