Thank You X 15

I just want to take a short time out to say how blessed I am. My church family is just stinkin awesome! I have watched parents come to our end of year parties for middle school and high school. My leaders have worked overtime to serve and care for our students. People have just jumped in and given so much to these students. I love it that we are hitting a point where parents want to be involved. It’s beautiful. I’m not kidding, that is the exact word for it, it’s beautiful.

I’ve been talking to Jim Farnsley this morning. We were discussing how the students are really getting it, how God is so clearly working for the long haul in these students lives. Man, what a blessing, what a gift that is. I am really overwhelmed with gratitude to God for all He is doing around our church.

We all have things to be grateful for. What are yours?

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